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Old 11-09-2000, 05:34 PM   #1
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Ok,I know that I have to switch the tracks to get to Raskalian but how? I had no problem switching them to get to the east side but it takes me down the left tunnel at the second fork in the tracks. How do I get to the levers to swich them? Do you have to switch them while you're moving?
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possible spoiler ahead
This mine itself is devided into 3 main areas: #1-the section where you find the spare parts, #2-the section where you search for dragon ore, and #3-Raskalion's lil hideout.

trolly (A) runs down to section #1 where you will find a switch that changes the first crossing along the tracks of trolly (B), switching this lever and riding trolly B afterwards will lead you to mine-area #2, where you will find another switch that controls the second crossing of the tracks for trolley (B).

remember that you will have to flip the switch in area #1 back again to get to Raskalion in the end (yay! a lot of trolley joy-riding ahead

hope i rememberd well - gosh, I've been playing this game for too long it seems
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There is another way...
Once you have the right side tracks running, you can pull the trolly lever from beside the cart (you don't have to be in it), then follow it through the gates before they close. At each switch area, you can reach through the barred window and flip the switch. In addition, the way back (up) provides timed switches at each gate going back up the tunnel to the top (so you can't get trapped in). If you aren't fast enough to stay with the cart as it moves, you can come back down and hit the trolly lever, which will bring the cart back to you. I explored the areas and found how to reach these switches, but it saved alot of time in the long run just being able to flip it from the tunnel side.
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