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Old 12-04-2000, 05:14 AM   #1

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I have completed the serpent and the castle quest. I got the shroud and the sacred word "Elvsamarvin"(spell??). I try talking to the dragon while it was flying in the open area somewhere in front of the castle. Instead it ignore me and breathe fire at me. The question is this the right place to talk to the dragon or am I suppose to talk to it in the later part like maybe after completed another mission? Next question, there is a bronze machine that burns me at the dragon cave. Also, I cant move up to the place where it is hanging. Somehow, my characters were being pushed back everytime we move forward. What am I suppose to do? Is this a bug? I have deposited the letter from the lady near Ishad'Na but dont see to help me at all. Pls someone advise me what to do.
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You can only talk to Erathsmador when he / she (what gender is that thing - anyone know??)is lying on her pile of treasure in Dragonspire. You can only get there by going through the mountain from the entrance that you put the letter in. And lastly, you can only get through past the guard (Bronze Dragon) if your lead character is wearing the dragon armour from the stout mines. Make sure you get the various quets to perform while you're in there.
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You must have the dragon armour (stout mine)to trip the in game switch to allow you to proceed up the passage. Dont bother trying to get any responce from eliz for the letter the dwarf will give you a wand as a reward when you talk to him.

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