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Old 11-23-2000, 05:51 PM   #1

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There are two doors in the temple I have been unable to open. One near the back door between the two pools. It is barred and I can see through it but cannot find a switch/lock. Anyone any ideas?

The second door is on a long corridor on the bottom(southern) side of the temple. Again no locks or switches to be found. Any ideas?

I am missing one of the green monkeys and assume it is behind one of these doors. I have searched the previous FAQ advised locations for the monkeys with no luck!

Old 11-24-2000, 03:34 AM   #2

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I don't think you can open either of those. I know the one between the 2 pools you can't. That's opened later after you fight the naga. The other one sounds like the back part of the atrium where you fight the high priestess.

If I recall the locations of the monkey idols..its:

1: In a room below kitchen, accessed via a elevator from the kitchen
2: Crazy running monkey carrying one (usualy found in room with 6 doors opened by combination and coins)
3: Behind one of the 6 doors (mentioned above)
4: I *think* the fourth is found like as soon as you come into the temple in the room with the 4 snake statues and 2 chests and a few vipers....could be wrong on this one tho. Good luck.
Old 11-24-2000, 03:49 AM   #3

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The gate near the back door cannot be opened at all. The gate near the library can only be opened from the inside, it's the way out of the undertemple. The way in to the undertemple is through the big serpent statue in the room with the brazier.

I found the four monkey idols:
1. Beyond the kitchen, go via the elevator, down a corridor and another elevator to two levels.
2. The coin lock rooms, one has an idol.
3. Near the back door, just before all those stairs up.
4. Carried by a running monkey after you release all those monkeys in the room with the hole in the floor - he can be anywhere by now!

There is another door (not gate) which has no obvious way through. It is opposite the front door, up the ramp, behind the wall and down the slope (you know the one). You get in by finding the small octagonal room behind it with four exits and a wooden floor with gaps at the corners and a pillar in the middle, drop through one of the gaps and you will be behind the door which you can then open from the inside. Nothing much in there though.

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