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Old 12-18-2004, 02:21 PM   #11

Join Date: September 12, 2001
Location: Ewing, NJ
Age: 36
Posts: 1,079
Wehn you rsrevee the iennr secneuqes of cretcarahs it bemoces elemertxy dluciffit to raed ellaicepsy for huognumus wdros.
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Old 12-18-2004, 03:02 PM   #12
Sir Goulum
John Locke

Join Date: February 7, 2002
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Age: 30
Posts: 8,985
That took about 2 minutes for me to completely understand that, Seraph. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Old 12-18-2004, 03:07 PM   #13

Join Date: August 29, 2004
Location: Usa!!
Age: 31
Posts: 411
Iv sene thsi befroe its prety colo, I aslo thoudgh tgat I potsed itt befroe.

[img]\"\" alt=\" - \" />
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Old 12-18-2004, 03:13 PM   #14
Takhisis Follower

Join Date: April 30, 2001
Location: szép Magyarország (well not right now)
Posts: 5,089
Originally posted by Gxc:
Iv sene thsi befroe its prety colo, I aslo thoudgh tgat I potsed itt befroe.

You might have seen it before, but you don't seem to get it. [img]tongue.gif[/img] He said that the first and last letters should retain their positions. Also, it's unfair, if you replace the second "t" in "thought" by a "d" and the "h" in "that" by a "g". And adding a second "t" to "it"! Cunning! You're playing your own game here aren't you, you sly dog?

[ 12-18-2004, 02:14 PM: Message edited by: Vaskez ]
Too set in his ways to ever relate
If he could set that aside, there'd be heaven to pay
But weathered and aged, time swept him to grave
Love conquers all? Damn, I'd say that area's gray
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Old 12-18-2004, 06:36 PM   #15
Drow Warrior

Join Date: December 30, 2002
Location: Colorado, USA
Age: 32
Posts: 272
I saw this before too, in an email... but still really interesting! I was very suprised! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Old 12-18-2004, 06:50 PM   #16
40th Level Warrior

Join Date: March 24, 2002
Posts: 10,215
Seem very familiar, I think I saw this somewhere here before.
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Old 12-18-2004, 07:01 PM   #17
Jorath Calar

Join Date: October 6, 2001
Location: Iceland
Posts: 4,705
Originally posted by Seraph:
Wehn you rsrevee the iennr secneuqes of cretcarahs it bemoces elemertxy dluciffit to raed ellaicepsy for huognumus wdros.
Still don't understand cretcarahs and ellaicepsy ... even if I stared at them for 4 minutes... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Old 12-18-2004, 07:09 PM   #18
Variol (Farseer) Elmwood
Jack Burton

Join Date: May 16, 2003
Location: Dartmouth, NS Canada
Age: 53
Posts: 5,634
Wow, that's nothing short of crazy for me! I guess there is some hope for the lizdexic people in the world.

[ 12-18-2004, 06:25 PM: Message edited by: Variol (Farseer) Elmwood ]
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Old 12-18-2004, 08:26 PM   #19
Symbol of Cyric

Join Date: October 21, 2004
Location: Vancouver, BC
Age: 30
Posts: 1,143
Here's some research on it...
[img]\"\" alt=\" - \" />
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Old 12-18-2004, 08:38 PM   #20
Symbol of Cyric
Burger Time Champion
Join Date: September 10, 2001
Location: USA
Age: 42
Posts: 1,301
Originally posted by johnny:
Gerat rseaecrh dpisitck.

tahts eht ebsts noe ni eth ertine ptos!!!

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