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Old 03-06-2003, 10:00 AM   #1
Jack Burton

Join Date: March 21, 2001
Location: Philippines, but now Harbor City Sydney
Age: 38
Posts: 5,556
i have been waiting for months for this game to come out.. when i finally have it... its giving me a headache.. [img]graemlins/madhell.gif[/img]

for some people who are playing it, can you give me some tips on how to get a good start?? and those spies are a pain

- sooooo complicated that you will go beserk
- turn base system sucks
- lousy interface... and i do mean lousy.. heck it took me 10 min just to figure out how to get back to the main screen.
-economic and building decisions is a pain

so why am i still playing it? its dang challenging and [img]graemlins/crazyeyes.gif[/img] kinda interesting.. makes you play a whole new game by iteself.. but i certainly would not call it a good sequel of master orion series.. heck m002 is so much better than this one.. heck moo1 is good as well.

Catch me if you can..
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Old 03-08-2003, 10:38 AM   #2
The Magister

Join Date: February 19, 2002
Location: Canada
Age: 42
Posts: 121
Try here,

My best advice, download a couple of the mods, and read though some of the faqs at the forum
<b><i>Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. ~Dune</b></i>
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Old 03-08-2003, 10:52 PM   #3
Lord of Alcohol
Xanathar Thieves Guild

Join Date: January 8, 2001
Location: Charlotte,NC
Age: 57
Posts: 4,570
I have only played it briefly. So far I have determined they made a good game into a piece of shit.
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Old 03-10-2003, 06:36 PM   #4

Join Date: January 22, 2002
Location: california wine country
Age: 57
Posts: 2,193
I'm enjoying it so far (abnout 60 turns in so far). Check out the official site's forum and go to the mod's forum. There are some excellent player made mods there. You can get a harder AI opponent, better looking star graphics, and my favorite a mod to give you better access to the build que's for even more micromanagement fun! My only beef is that building up a planet to usefulness takes too long =( But I do love having the zones on a planet for building structures in. Piracy is a pain till you get planetary shields.
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Old 03-11-2003, 08:49 AM   #5
the mighty stamar

Join Date: February 12, 2003
Location: hades
Age: 51
Posts: 583
I havent tried any player mods,
but the game is retarded.

You are meant to set up your computer AI and then have it fight their AI. Hit turn 1200 times and see who wins.
I dont even really follow what sort of problem you are having with the game.
I hit turn for four hours straight and I was winning the game by a large margin. Just say yes to all the diplomacy. If you want ultra effeciency make troop transports obsolete, theres my moo3 automatic win the game 1 on 7 strat. You will crush through your retarded enemies taskforces filled with troop transports with your war ships.

Terrible game I give it 3/10 just because it is interesting to look at the senate voting thing in action.

[ 03-11-2003, 08:17 AM: Message edited by: the mighty stamar ]
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Old 03-16-2003, 11:47 PM   #6
Gabrielles blades
Baaz Draconian

Join Date: April 26, 2002
Location: florida
Age: 40
Posts: 761
i made a post on my opinion on the game a bit ago where i whimpered and cried.

But anyhow...

If anyone can tell me how to make it so i can see the whole battlefield when in combat (so i dont have to scroll around to see just where my enemy is!) that would be great! if i try to attack myself instead of using the puter AI i will always spend 99.99% of my time just trying to find the enemy and so end up not being able to kill much of them.

Another note on seems that point defence does not operate when your ship is facing forward and the missles are coming from behind (lame! defences should be 360 degree) So even an armada with point defence up the yin yang could be slaughtered in one missle volly. Now take note...yes that means missles are one of the most powerful offensive tools! fighters are great too, most of my ships are a multi using 2-4 long range beam 2-4 fighter bays 2-4 missles and the rest point defence.

Oh...anyone know how to invade faster? i have an *insanely* massive fleet of 400 titan class ships all outfitted with the latest and greatest...but they still take a dozen or more turns to kill off just 1 system that has piss poor defences.
On that note...defence is *too* easy with the way it is set up; basicaly you can allow your empire to have meager defences to stop piracy and have the rest of your fleet in reserves, which allows you to have them pop out in 1 turn to defend anywhere in your entire civilization that has a mobilization center (and thats usualy 99% of your worlds) Since offence takes so long (12+ as noted prior) its even possible to build a defensive fleet from scratch & get it there fast enough to take out the guys attacking your unprotected world.

I honestly think enemy spies do more damage than any enemy fleet has ever done. wish i knew a way to boost my spy defences without my citizens going into a revolt/high unrest.

The game really does play itself for the most part. 90% of your time in the game will be controlling the military, the other side of the game takes care of itself.
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