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Perhaps you can make a new bag to put the old one in?
I don't know if that would cause any conflict with the original bags contents but it seems to me that if it were yours, you could do that, and keep the remnants of the old bag as part of the new...a transference of energy from one to the other so to speak. But, then again, I am not Navajo and am totally ignorant of any negative consequences in the power of it if there are any.

I have seen pictures of Northern AZ and have heard what beautiful country it is. I have yet to see it
I spent nearly twenty years in AZ and never even saw the Grand Canyon, having concentrated most if not all of my travels in the state to the south and southeast of Tucson.
The Chiricahua Mts. are a sight all their own though and the feeling that I got while standing on the ground of my ancestors was unbelievable. It was like they were there, smiling down on me and I got the feeling that I was not alone and that not all is lost. It was truly wonderful.

One of the places around the Chiricahuas where I felt the presence of the Apaches with extreme clarity was just outside Steins, AZ...a ghost town, where once we got there, the proprieter told stories of the old railroad days and of the escapades of the "renegade" Apache Indians in the mountains. His stories were confirmation of the presences I felt and they made them that much more real.
His mule fell in love with me (LOL) and I keep a picture of him (the mule) in a southwest frame on a shelf reserved for special treasures I have been given as gifts from nature.
If you have ever seen an Apache Tear, I still own one that my son gave to me when he was a kid.


You know childhood is over when a puddle seems like an obstacle instead of an opportunity.

Is Too! Is Not! Is Too! Is Not!

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