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Old 09-09-2003, 07:28 AM   #1
Ma'at - Goddess of Truth & Justice

Join Date: March 2, 2001
Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Age: 65
Posts: 3,255
It's you birhtday. Happy Birthday to you, hun! Hope you have a wonderful day and that this is one of the best ever for you.
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Old 09-09-2003, 07:30 AM   #2
Symbol of Moradin

Join Date: June 5, 2002
Location: Slovenia,Ljubljana
Age: 31
Posts: 8,553
Happy Birthday! [img]graemlins/happybirthday.gif[/img] Have a good one and may this day be the most beautiful in your life.
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Old 09-09-2003, 08:33 AM   #3

Join Date: January 8, 2001
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Age: 39
Posts: 6,540
Have a good day mate [img]smile.gif[/img]
[img]\"hosted/melusine.jpg\" alt=\" - \" /><br />Your voice is ambrosia
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Old 09-09-2003, 08:39 AM   #4
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Upstate NY USA
Posts: 19,737
Hey Jorath! HAPPY BIRTHDAY do you! [img]graemlins/group2.gif[/img]
"Don't take life for granted." Animal (may he rest in peace)
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Old 09-09-2003, 08:46 AM   #5
The Hierophant
Thoth - Egyptian God of Wisdom

Join Date: May 10, 2002
Location: Dunedin, New Zealand.
Age: 37
Posts: 2,860
Happy Birthday! Now go forth and make that 'hellhole named Iceland' a place of laughter and hard liquor!!!
[img]\"hosted/Hierophant.jpg\" alt=\" - \" /><br />Strewth!
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Old 09-09-2003, 08:47 AM   #6
Jack Burton

Join Date: March 21, 2001
Location: Philippines, but now Harbor City Sydney
Age: 36
Posts: 5,556
happy bday!

Catch me if you can..
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Old 09-09-2003, 11:17 AM   #7
Jorath Calar

Join Date: October 6, 2001
Location: Iceland
Posts: 4,705
Thanks guys!

Well I overslept this morning and I'm having one of the busiest day of my life... but it's great... [img]smile.gif[/img]

Thanks again, I love you guys... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Old 09-09-2003, 02:34 PM   #8
Jack Burton

Join Date: March 31, 2001
Location: The zephyr lands beneath the brine.
Age: 34
Posts: 5,459
Have a very happy birthday, Jorath [img]graemlins/1partyguy.gif[/img]

Say NO to the Trouser Tyranny!
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Old 09-09-2003, 03:41 PM   #9

Join Date: January 29, 2003
Location: Sweden
Age: 38
Posts: 3,888
Happy Birtday Jorath! [img]graemlins/awesomework.gif[/img]

[ 09-09-2003, 03:42 PM: Message edited by: Stratos ]
Nothing is impossible, it's just a matter of probability.
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Old 09-09-2003, 04:10 PM   #10
Jorath Calar

Join Date: October 6, 2001
Location: Iceland
Posts: 4,705
Ah it just got much better, I got a greeting from my friend in Argentina I hadn't heard from in almost 5 weeks... yey... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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