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Default Henchman Inventory Q

I have just started playing the module-series "Shadowlords/Dreamcatcher" again, just because I enjoyed them very much last time some years back.

Alot has happened to NWN 1 since they were made and among those changes is the option to access the inventory of a henchman. I would want to give Anera some items of mine, because she is rather weak with the AI being what it is.

My question is therefore: Is it possible to edit the modules Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher using the toolset to also include the accessible henchman feature, and if that is the case: how? I should add that these modules have alot of henchman interaction (dialouge), does that create a problem.
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Default Re: Henchman Inventory Q

Not sure.
All I know is that with the original campaign, I just used the Tony K module adjustment to be able to gain access to the henchmen's inventory. From there, everything was peachy. So for the Shadowlords/Dreamcatcher modules, you may want to post in the threads for them on NWVault and see if anyone else has done what you are intending on doing.
(if you want to add Aribeth to a module as a henchman. sorry, found that first.)
(the Tony K henchman hak I was telling you about if you have never used it before.)
(the All In One collection for Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon)
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