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Old 05-04-2014, 12:53 AM   #1
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Exclamation Choc had a FULL grand mal seizure Friday night (hours after my other post!!)

Friday, Choc had a FULL grand mal seizure. (thrashing about wildly), he has had mild ones before, where he's meow loud, and get disoriented and go limp, meowing in a heart dropping scary way, and goes to the floor. (and Lost bladder control). and his eyes, you can tell he wasn't 'there' during it. but always comes out of it, and bounces back within 10 mins.. purring, and acting normal.. (meanwhile,... scares me to death).

But THIS one was different... very violent seizure. paws thrashing, I laid him on his side--this happened while I was on the bed reading, and quickly laid him on his side, and lifted his head--so he could breathe easier, and laid my arm across his paws gently. He actually ripped off a semi-new back claw.. but there was a 'new' claw growing under it, but only like 4% grown, so it was a tiny bit bloody.

I lost it afterwards.. Donna too. Lately, his back legs are getting weak, and his back legs slid away from him as he stands still on the tile.. (so I got a pet rug so he can eat his food in the Kitchen without that happening).. He is 22 1/2 as of March, so I know that time is closing.. trying to prepare myself. Donna too. But its so sad.. He's like our Son. He's such a fighter though.. And he's Ironworks Mascot!

(He went to the vet just last week, and the checkup was good) but he's always had seizures. very mild, usually happened once a year, then, in the past year, they seem to happen every 2 Months or so. But the Vet Dr said that the pills are dangerous for a cat his age, and that since he doesn't have seizures daily or weekly the drugs wouldn't be worth taking as much.. because the side effects the drugs have can be really bad.. (Doc said it, and I even saw it on many pet health websites).

We just feel helpless seeing him go through this.. He is now sitting next to me as I write this. Purring. And happy. He is such an awesome Cat.

What was weird was that I posted on Ironworks Forum about Choc, and how his Kidneys *might* be slowly failing. Then THAT happens at 6pm.. It was so stressful.

I woke up today (Sat) with such a bad migraine it made me sick, twice! So I watched the Kentucky Derby around 6pm with a ice pack on my forehead, and felt slightly better.. its 12am (Sun) now, and I can still feel that migraine in the background... sometimes they last days... but I rarely get them. I assume it was due to the stress from Friday, and 'losing it'... after I saw Choc having to go through this.. just breaks my heart. He's doing well now. We know that 'time' could come soon, so we enjoy every single day we have with him--cherish what time we DO have with our boy Choc.

Just needed to put this into words.. thanks guys, sorry for the textbook post, but I wanted to let you know.. He's an amazing Cat.. So intelligent and has such a great personality... so loving.... and begs for food like a dog! He loves his treats and OUR foods.. lol.. just scary, you know? Anyway, thanks! just needed to share this..

*Update on other post* Called the Vet, He said as long as he is urinating he should be ok. But if I see any changes, or that he can't pee, to come in right away.. (he's doing it fine though).. even jumps up on the bed after all this happened. Just amazing.. His Constitution must be an 18+100
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Old 05-04-2014, 10:05 PM   #2
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Default Re: Choc had a FULL grand mal seizure Friday night (hours after my other post!!)

I'm very sorry to hear your family having to go through this, Ziroc. In November (on my birthday) we had to say good-by to our family cat and it was harder than I realized it would be. I'd rather not get into details now, but it was the hardest thing our family has suffered together.

To change the subject, I was within one hour of your house last month at Disney World but we were so jammed packed with getting in as much as we could I was not awarded a moment to even consider tracking you down. However, that might change in the next few weeks. I may be getting a promotion that will allow me to choose to live in either Tampa, Orlando, or Miami (basically anywhere I want that is sorta centralized)...maybe I'll still have a chance someday to meet you in person (and Choc too).
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Old 05-28-2014, 06:26 PM   #3
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Crying Re: Choc had a FULL grand mal seizure Friday night (hours after my other post!!)

It's been a little over a year since my last log in and I saw your post about Choc and freaked.
I lost my best friend Vinny the Cat last Oct 5 and still miss him very much ! I have 9 other cats but Vinny was my shadow.
When I was home and where ever you found me in the house or my work shop Vinny was close by playing or sleeping. For 20 years he was my best friend and when he got Kitty Cancer and the vet said there was nothing I could do I was Heart Broken. I know how your feeling. Keep him close to you while you can and hope he stays around for another few years.
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