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Old 03-16-2004, 12:14 PM   #1
Jack Burton

Join Date: July 19, 2003
Location: an expat living in France
Age: 33
Posts: 5,577

Right now I am running a party which I think is really powerful. It is also quite easy to play.

Dwarf fighter: ivory blade, diamond eyes, mirror armor
Hobbit monk: martial arts and throwing weapons

Hobbit gadgy: omnigun and gadgets
Hobbit bard: bloodlust(eventually fang), shield and instruments
Human bishop: all schools

Back: Elf ranger: eagle eye bow

The party has good close combat and ranged capabilities and thanks to the bishop is good in magic two. Thanks to two heal alls per turn the party has had no deaths so far and only the sea caves and ascension peak remain, just finished the savant tower. The only difficulty was the bishop in the beginning but casting a spell each turn eventually did make him work well. The party got to Arnika at lvl 6, to Bela at lvl 8 and to Ferro at lvl 11. They are now lvl 21 but only because of completing all t'rang and umpani quests, even the alliance. The Don got killed at lvl 9 for the Dominae. Nessie was just plain easy as in surprise combat element shield and angel's tongue in the first turn, superman on the fighter and jericho horn in the second turn. Third turn superman on the monk and two heal alls. After that it was only 3 turns to kill her. BTW we got the lazurite stone extremely early with fake combat from the wilderness temple (lvl 10) and Nessie was killed at lvl 11 (right after Ferro going from the Umpani areas). The buccies dropped 4! vaporizers and nothing else of interest. Another vaporizer turned up in their chest. Nothing interesting in the bayjin chest and from Jan Ette drop so we shall only be using "normal" weapons.

I just have one question: what would be better for my fighter? fang or ivory blade of course dual wielded with diamond eyes.

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Old 03-16-2004, 02:00 PM   #2
The Magister

Join Date: April 29, 2003
Location: Dominus
Age: 37
Posts: 100
I'd go for Fang, simply because I love the critical chance. I like the ivory blade too though, and it IS better with regards to max damage and to hit/initiative.. I'd prolly carry them both around, but I'd use Fang most likely.

Then again, you do have the bard who can only use Fang of the two.. damn, this was a hard one [img]tongue.gif[/img]

On second thought, err.. bah, I'm whimsical, but I think Ivory blade would work best with the fighter and Fang for the bard.
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