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Old 11-24-2000, 08:44 AM   #1
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I have a big problem with the game, the original install from CD took ages, as if the PC was having problems reading the CD. All appeared to finish OK and I started the game. The Bink intro stutters very badly, my Voodoo 3 card displays very jagged text whenever I use anything other than the Software emulation for graphics. Most importantly I have had two crashes where I have been given a green or pink window at the bottom of the screen with an error message, the first occasion I stole a horse and tried to ride it into the lake at the beginning of the game. I then removed and re-installed, my 3dfx drivers (latest version), directx7a and my soundblaster 64 drivers and the game itself (all running under win 98 sp 1 with a 4Gb hard disk, 2gb free, 300MHZ pentium 2 and 1024MB ram). I have played around with cache settings on the CD and voodoo card and tried all options under the graphics setting of the game. I even downloaded the bink player seperately from the web and copied all movies to disk but find that the intro.bik file crashes after the angel appears on screen.
While playing the game it appears that if I move when sound is playing, ie speach the games locks - no error. I can't therefor get past the crypt with the broken stairs as every time I fall down my party screams and the game locks. Anyone had similar problems, know what else I could try? Is there a dedicated support page anywhere on the web ? If not I will have to take the game back which would be a shame as I need something to play until Pool of radiance 2 comes out!
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Ok im UK and had a terrible time installing this game.

Uninstall manually ie delete Activision folder from were you installed it. Use Add /Remove in control panel and remove Wizards and Warriors thi will clear the registry.

Set resolution to 640 by 480 high colour. Tuurn off all TSRs (Anything in taskbar window on your right) especially any virus checker this is what turns a 5 minute install into a 55 minute one.

Now run the game and set the options to software mode. Exit and reset your desktop to the res you normally use. The game should now run fine and you can experiment with the video options but from previous posts software mode is as good as any.

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