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Old 01-30-2001, 07:22 AM   #91

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um hello
i'm from WEST VIRGINIA(the state some people don't know that it is it's own state)
and i want to say that i enjoy these off topics and i feel for the Lady stuck in the 9th plane off hell thats slowly draining her life its seems men dont realize that women have to be happy where they live or there always depressed (and we[men]cant see why there mad all the time,go figure) and collecting dragons is cool but i have trouble finding one good enough to capture the essience of a dragon off topic i think dragons are to beutiful
alright i'll stop now,sorry i ramble
Old 01-30-2001, 11:38 AM   #92

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Fighter-thief, I agree with you on the dragon thing. They are very beautiful and I love to collect them. I do have some really neat dragons in my collection. I do have some really beautiful pictures. It is hard for me not to buy every dragon I see. And yes, living in this hellhole is depressing but if I moved somewhere that my husband didn't like and he was unhappy, then things wouldn't be better. It does go both ways but my husband and I are opposites. So for now, I am in the "9th plane off hell" and I will continue to come here and hopefully make friends.
Old 01-30-2001, 11:51 AM   #93

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i understand what you mean for me i sacrifice for my wife and naturally for my kids i suppose that i was brought up or thats just the way i am ,that i can make do no matter what but women and childre come first i have been married since i was 18 and have had two haomes owned by me just to please her [god that was stupid]but i've learned to make her happy or i'll never be happy thats why i have my crpg's so i have somewhere i can get away and i'm sure your husband is a great man that is doing the absolute best he can other wise you wouldn't be there so im sorry your in the small town hell tell Andy Griffth "Hi"[just joking please dont let any of this make you mad if so tell me please
Old 01-30-2001, 11:56 AM   #94
Ironworks Atomic Moderator

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Location: Virginia, U.S.A.
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Turbovee - Oops! You are right I gave credit to Accord when it was really your suggestions that helped me out greatly. Sorry sorry! Don't be sad, your ego is still intact! Ertai told me how to do the smiley/sad faces. Lets see - just type this in, but do not use any spaces in between:
: - ) is regular smiley face
: - ( is sad face
: P is smiley with tongue sticking out
: D is smiley with big smiles
8 ) is smiley with sunglasses

Haven't tried them all so I hope this is correct
Yorick - Chili came out great. Good to hear from you, I miss conversing with you and Moiraine. Thought you guys were avoiding me
Draconia - I as well am sorry to hear about your feelings about where you live. I feel stuck where I live as well, but I have a good job and wonder if I moved somewhere else if I would be able to get one just as good. If I had a choice I would pick a place far away from the city where I could take a deep breath and not cough on the pollution! Hey, did you ever check out that dragonrealm website I mentioned?
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Old 01-30-2001, 11:59 AM   #95

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No Fighter-thief, you have not made me mad in any way. I think it is great that you do what you can for your wife and children. My husband is trying to move me out of Green River. He knows how miserable I am here but I make the best of it. I put my husband and children first and whatever makes them happy, I am happy. Even if it means living in Green River. I think what makes it the hardest on me is that my husband works in Colorado 5 days a week. His job sucks but it pays well and I am able to stay home with my kids. Yes, he is gone all week and I am here alone for those 5 days. I just stay home and stay away from the Green River ppl. That makes it a little easier to tolerate it here. I do have BG1 and BG2 to keep me occupied as well as my kids.
Old 01-30-2001, 01:03 PM   #96

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You guys are great!!! You all have made me feel welcome here.
Charlie- I find happiness in my children and when my husband is home with us. There is happiness in my life. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I make do with where I live by watching my kids grow and learn new things everyday. Living in Green River is the only down thing in my life.
Melusine- I agree, Long live the Internet!!!
Yes Larr 2 I agree with everything you said. I can read in Spanish better then I can speak it.
AHHH to see dragons flying!!!
Everyone have a great day. I am off to Salt Lake City. I get to leave Green River for a day. Yippee!!!!!
Old 01-30-2001, 01:15 PM   #97

Join Date: March 1, 2001
Location: Up in the Freedomland Alps
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I am a bit late, but you get all my sympathy. It stll feels weird (and wonderfule) to me that I feel much closer to some of you board people than to most of my neighbours, at home or at work.
Here on the board, you can make the whole world your home. "Home is where the heart is", as the saying goes.
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Old 01-30-2001, 01:22 PM   #98

Join Date: October 20, 2001
Location: England
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HAY Blink182 is not me i gave it to my friend who is Chris Mills.(and bloody annoying).
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Old 01-30-2001, 01:29 PM   #99
Very Mad Bird

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Location: Breukelen (over the river from New Amsterdam)
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Ladyzekke, now why would we do such a thing?
I've been locked in a studio producing a female vocalists album. 15 hour days minimum to meet a crushing deadline. Ended up getting three hours sleep on the second last night and none on the last night because I had two live gigs I hadn't accounted for.
Got it done though. Sounds good, she's happy. Off I go to Europe...

Oh yeah I don't do drugs, so it was all coffee (a contradiction yes I know) and adrenaline and an obsessive focussed nature that got me through. I used to be a workaholic and had forgotten what the hours do to you. Totally knackered today, yet I had another project at my home studio to wrap up with someone else (Sarah for your info Moiraine).

Maybe I should get a website to put up some of this music to download. How would I do this best? I know some designers here but they either cost way too much or don't have the time. Any ideas?
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Old 01-30-2001, 01:30 PM   #100

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BTW Fighter-thief, thanks for being my friend. And you also have a friend here in Utah.

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