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Old 01-04-2001, 10:42 PM   #1

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Part of this info has been posted, but this is the compilation of all the easy ways to kill
the twisted rune group
kangaxx the demilich
shadow and red dragon
without a single hit!
Included is my special tactic for taking the first two liches in the kangaxx series and the twisted rune without even bothering to use protective spells.

Dragons-are easy. just after you've finished the first dungeon, sell you aquired wand of cloudkill to the adventure mart, and buy back immediately. you now have 50 charges. this is one of the most single indispensible items in the game, all my mages have one each

after finishing the required dialog with the shadow dragon and the red dragon, walk up to just outside visual range, cast multiple cloudkills, and hear it croak. eventually it will run out of heal spells, an it will die. the dungeons were far more difficult.

I killed the elemental lich and the first kangaxx form by having yoshimo plant 6 traps where they appear. I kept boosting his trap ability everytime he gained level up. an evil version of this is to equip him with the help from the adventure mart that allows a fighter to cast simacrum. have the sim cast 6 traps, then yoshimo cast six traps. the thing is, if you don't rest after casting the traps, you get full xp for the kill.

the simplist trick in killing the demi lich is to use wiuzard eye and protection from undead scrolls. cast protection from undead on everyone in the party except the poor sap, I use yoshimo because he's due to tun traitor later, who will trigger the coffin. first form isa obliterated by traps. second form just sits there for a few second after it arrives, giving you time to cast protection from undead on yoshi. meanwhile, keldorn with a protection from undead cast on him is blocking the movement of the demi lich form, which moves when it is seriously injured, and a wizard eye is near by to take and shrug off the multiple imprison spells. use minute meteors and +5 weapons to finish him off. the trick is to give him a easy target, wiz eye, and use a protected character to block his movement.

the secret to killing the rune quest group and how i killed the first kangaxx lich, is 2 spells...delayed action fireball, and project image. when you cast project image, your image can cast all the spells in your library withou your wizard losing more than one spell, the projected image itself. memorize about 4-5 delayed action fireballs, and 3-4 project images. go into the twisted rune, save the game. use farsight or wizard eye to figure out exactly where the vampire, mages and beholder appear. take note of the exact location of the lich. relaod, and cast farsight or wiz eye to guide your projected image. cast 4-6 delayed action fireballs at the correct spots. set up traps by yoshimo for the lich.

the nasty thing about using delay action fireballs against wizards, and liches are that they do 50% more damage than standard fireballs, and spellcasters are only dangerous after they've raised their spell protection. like a hard shell with soft core. da fireballs ignite and kill before the spellcaster even has a chance to say "EEEKKK!!!!".

The first time I tried this i discovered the vampire with the staff of magi jumps in far away from the others. the beholder and mages fried instantly and the traps took care of the lich. I cast protection from evil on my party, farsight, and watched the pit fiend beat up on the vampire.

Ok, really important question. I've done all the major quests on chapter 2 and reached the point where aerie says she loves me in the romance thread. Is that the end of the thread???!!! if so I'll restart and take jahira, since aerie is fairly whimpy and I'd like to try out druid spells.

Please advise!!!
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I've got an answer to your question UserFriendly. But just a tip, you might get a better response if you stick to one topic. Because in your post above, you have a lot of useful info on how to kill monsters in the game, then your very last sentence contains a question that has nothing to do with what you have written. A lot of people may skim through the post and miss that last sentence and your question may go unanswered, or they may avoid the post altogether because they either don't want to be spoiled or they've already devised ways to beat kangaxx etc. It's always better to make your question clear and the subject should usually relate to that, that's the whole point of attracting people who have the answer! Just some advice.

The romance thread with Aerie ends when you consummate with her. Jahiera is a much better bet, can't go against Insect Plague and Creeping Doom.
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Old 01-05-2001, 03:24 AM   #3

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Thanks mem.
you're right, I should have set the subject to
"some info on twisted rune and a unrelated but important romance question"
i do admit i don;t like to ask questions without sharing some info I gathered on my own, though.

sigh, I guess I need to decide whether I want to finish with whimpy lawful good cleric/mage or go for a druid.

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