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Old 06-08-2001, 02:54 PM   #1
Psychedelic Buttafly
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HELP !!!!!!!!!1 i am having terrible problems with microsoft internet explorer it wont connect with aol. i mean i can use only aol but to design a webpage its no use. if u have noticed i have been away from the board for a while and this is because i have been trying to resolve this problem but yet no success. see i used to have freeserve as my browser but i deleted it from my system and replaced it with aol. but it still keeps appearing when i click on internet explorer that it is provided by freeserve and the screen appears saying that the page which i have set can not be displayed and says refresh so i try that and it appears with exactly the same. This is relly pissing me off as when i try and select something eg in hotmail when u sign in instant messages and it pops up if u have mail if u were to normally click on it it would go straight to so you would be then able to view them after u entered ur password. but with mine if u click it it just appears with page can not be displayed as before. so then u have the bother of typing in to get to it, its just little things like that it keeps doin.You at the board here are my last hope as any of my families are useless with computers!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Old 06-08-2001, 02:56 PM   #2
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Soz Butter! Cant help ya there!

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Old 06-08-2001, 03:25 PM   #3

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Do you have an AOL account that you set up on your PC?

If you do and you deleted freeserve after you installed it and freeserve was your primary browser, AOL doesn't know what to do and won't display any web pages either in or out of AOL.

If so, you will need to set up AOL all over again and set it up to be your primary browser.

I would suggest installing Netscape afterward and making IT your primary browser because AOL sux and because unless you download and install Internet Explorer all over again and set IT to be your primary browser, you are stuck in AOHELL FOREVER!!!!!

AOL ate my homepage last night while I was editing it...I could not get back into Easy Designer until this morning and had to re-make the whole page.

Have you considered getting freeserve back?

I hope this helps you more than it confuses you!



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