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Old 11-04-2000, 10:41 PM   #1

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1st of all I like to say that I like this no one gets confused...
But there is a few things that really annoys me..Here Goes

1, Why do my party take damage in elevators ...this is reallly stupid..I mean arent they suppose to be heroes,,,Well its too much when even your party members die in an elevator..I dont like it,,It really takes the feeling off the game away!!!!!!!

2.Why did they leave the camp/rest/inn function out of the game,,also stupid,,as it is now ,,I stand still waiting for daytime...force us to play nighttime or what ?

3. Why cant everyone ID the low level stuff...rusted swords and such...This is also really really annoying,,,,No you need the Ancient Lore skill and Artifacts..what artifacts and lore,,a rusted sword..??!!!Everyone should have atleast a small chance to ID those things

4. As I see there is tons of stuff that was left out of the manual...The Manual could have been much better

So thats for the bugs,,well I havent yet seen any,,I have a graphichs problem with my tnt2 card..but when it happens I just restart,,,It only happens when Im in town so ,,np
Old 11-05-2000, 11:36 AM   #2
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I was annoyed by the same things. The elevators especially. While I understand why it is supposed to be happening (i.e. you are a party of 6 and some members just are not completely on the elevator) it adds nothing to the game but frustration.
Extensive darkness in CRPGs is one of my pet gripes. There are other options I wish the game designers would explore rather than just opting to make everything dark.
The manual, like the game, lacks refinement. Looks like a rushed job to me.
Having to IDing low level stuff is silly.

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Old 11-07-2000, 11:52 AM   #3

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All I have to say about this is, apparently it took 4 years to make. Now, if thats rushed, man, no wonder nothing gets done in Washington. I think it was a great idea that needs help. I mean, serious help. I got this game as an anniversary present after saying I wanted it to enter the contest for the armor. (seemed like a good enough reason to me at the time) But when you talk to mobs, eather there extreamly annoying (like the oricles in the cave) or don't tell yah jack (like the toads.) Now the real kicker for me is that my anniversary is 10/31 and since I work 3pm -12pm, I didn't open the box till Nov. 1st. which, coincedently was too late to enter the contest. If I had known that, I would have told my wife to wAit to buy this till it vcame down from 50 $ to a reasonable price for this game, say 25 $, it looks like an old game, (compared to say, Icewind dale or Diablo 2) and there 50 $ atm, so I would have thought that this would cost less, but it doesn't. Otherwise, your right, it does look like an extreamly rushed job, even when you id stuff, (like the mana potions) it says special ? (like it can't tel yah that it gives ya more mana) and the gems, what are they for? they just say special too, so i keep selling them, as I never have any money, after curring stuff i don't even know what it does, like minions curse. anyway, done ranting for now, this game needs a serious faq included, for eq only, no less the rest of the stuff.

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