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Old 12-01-2000, 01:36 PM   #1

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Amberkins is a Pixie, she started as a Rogue and is now an Assassin level 17. She now has the opportunity to become a Samurai. Is this a good thing? She still stays an assassin too, right? She won't lose anything will she? I haven't done any role ascensions except for one warrior who has this same opportunity to become a Samurai - which I have already accepted. So, any thoughts on the pros and cons would be appreciated.

God speed!
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She will gain the ability to learn Sun magic by becoming a Samurai - that can be good BUT She will not be able to use lockpicks which might be bad. Actually, there are not a lot of places in this game where you really need to use lockpicks. Often there are special keys for all the various locks and you find them while exploring. The special skills she gained upon becoming an assassin will still be hers!!

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Old 12-02-2000, 09:08 AM   #3
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Two disadvantages I see for changing from assassin are the generic ones:
1) you can't use the class-specific items from the previous class anymore.
For assassin that means lockpicks, the special assassin armor (though only the cowl seems worthwhile to me), and (if you cheated a bit) the assassin dagger (barbarians can use that one too).
2) you can't learn new higher spells from the previous spell schools anymore. (nor use those books)
If you're not depending on your assassin for fiend or moon spells this is not that big a disadvantage
(esp. the teleport spells you don't want to miss).

Apart from that, according to the manual, samurai are worse in hit, parry and speed.
What you gain is sun spells and use of special samurai items, although I know no items that are better than those an assassin can use. Neither do I know skills that samurai can learn that assassins can't. (Unless assassins can't join the warrior guild; I'm not sure about that.)

So unless you have need of sun magic, I think I'd prefer staying assassin.
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Old 12-02-2000, 11:08 AM   #4

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Anyone can be a Samurai, I have only one Assassin and no way do I want to give up all the cool assassin armor! Let the warrior become a Samurai, Amberkins will stay an Assassin! Thanks for the advise and input!

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