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Old 12-01-2000, 11:31 PM   #11

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Sorry for striking a nerve guys, like I said it's just my opinion and it depends on what you're into. I too own the game and liked it, although I don't put it on the same pedastal some of you do. The character cusomization I refered to as being lacking is appearence. You've gotta admit, the guy you see walking around on the screen never really looks any different and the tatoos are alright in my book, I found a few to be obviously the most useful while the rest weren't ( for a warrior anyway ). It's hard to explain my taste in RPG. I like it fast with moderate story and a good compliment of action. Quite ironically I like to feel like an important part of a world that almost seems to move independantly of the player character. I guess Torment brought that to my PC, I just didn't like something about it that I can't quite put my finger on. It's a slew of minor things that clash with my tastes. But like I said before, I give it props for its detail and intricacy.
Old 12-02-2000, 07:12 AM   #12

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Mostly out of curiosity:
Does anyone here remember TESaggerfall?
(*grrrrrrr* make it TES:_Daggerfall then)

Where would you place that game in comparison to Planescape or W&W? It was pretty unique IMHO - it had a _really_ large and complex world that allowed you to explore, become involved in Politics or Guilds at will and train your character even without touching the main quest. It offered the chance to customize character appearance and activities to the point where some (count me in) would refuse to equip good stuff because it just didn't fit the char's look. And all those unique career opportunities! Go vampire and spend the rest (or some time) of your life traveling at night, entering towns after nightfall and fleeing from temples, or turn into a werewolf and howl at the moon...
Yet at the same time some aspects of Daggerfall were the worst I have ever found in a game (so far). What immediately comes to mind is bugs, bugs and more bugs, including the famous drop through floors, stale quests, monsters stuck inside one another... I could keep writing almost at will. Then the random dungeons, which fell into parts that kept reappearing with annoying regularity, quests that were also random generated and offered little diversity: fetch X, kill Y, protect Z. Ok, some contained nice surprises, but even those turned lame after the seventh repetition. (This was much improved by players creating and publishing their own quests, which could be included to freshen things a bit.)

But it still remains a fact that I spent a lot of time playing and have not found a worthy successor yet. Would it be good to give Planescape a try? I have not seen it yet, but what you write here sounds intriguing.
OTOH, having just bought W&W and since then spent almost every minute of my spare time playing, can I expect it to come close to TES2 in terms of character development and guild memberships? It left a pretty positive first impression, but I did not get very far yet.
Old 12-02-2000, 09:13 AM   #13

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To Lab_Rat Okey first off P.T cant be compared to Daggerfall...I can only say this,,go and buy P.T it will be rather cheap now, so if you dont like it it didnt matter that much...

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