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Old 11-19-2000, 09:58 AM   #1

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Just got this from the RPG Newsgroup from user "Ripple"

After getting no joy from a tech support rep at Activision, I spoke at
length on the phone with a developer at Heuristic Park yesterday afternoon.
Might have even been DWB himself for all I know -- he certainly knew what
was going on over there.

Anyway the long and short of it is this: HPI will be releasing an unofficial
patch, probably before the end of the year.

The kind of things that are being worked on include crash bugs like the
Vampire Ring and gameplay bugs like characters disappearing from the Inn or
losing money / items. Things NOT being worked on include the interface and
engine, difficulty in picking items up off the ground, ladders, and ranged
enemies remaining in real time mode when the player is ADP.

He also commented that the green tint problem is probably not a software
bug, but an issue with the way the video card identifies itself to the
program and how D3D handles the information passed to it by the program
based upon that identification. The phrases he used were "555 card" or "565
card", with each of the 3 numbers representing the amount of red, green and
blue displayed respectively. If a card is 565 but identifies itself as 555,
the green value with be skewed. Sort of confusing, but that was his
explanation. He said despite repeated attempts, HPI is having extreme
difficulty getting support from chipset manufacturers. He wouldn't single
out any company names, but you can probably expect nVidia to be prominent
among them.

He went on to say that HPI is reading the bug reports on the Technical Forum
on their site, as well as reviewing the bug list being compiled by
Activision tech support. Unfortunately, he indicated that out of that they
had only found "about 10 bugs". I think there are many more than that, so
in an effort to make the patch as comprehensive as possible, please report
all bugs to the Heuristic Park Technical Forum message board at or call Activision Tech Support at
310-255-2050. Or do both!

Finally, he said that HPI cares very deeply about this game and their
customers, and are therefore releasing the patch without support from
Activision. Since HPI has contractual obligations to work on other games
right now, the only time they have to work on the patch is after regular
business hours. This means that not only is HPI giving us the patch for
free (since they won't be getting paid for it by Activision), they're doing
it on their own time.

I told the guy that it would ease many people's minds if a representative of
HPI would post exactly what he told to me to this newsgroup and/or on the
message board on their site. He said he would ask their webmaster to do so,
though I haven't yet checked the site to see if it's been done.

Sounds good!

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Hope they are going to fix the lift problems too.
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