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Old 11-19-2000, 09:23 AM   #1
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A while ago, I answered a post from someone stuck in the lift area of the serpent temple. I suggested that perhaps someone walks in and shuts the lift off behind them. I think the true answer is very close to that.

It has just taken me 5 tries to get the element of Evil from D'Soto's tower. The first time, I head up the lift, encounter "Trollie, Trollie", then "Die and die alone" - get my element, and the lift doesn't work now. No problem, I'll cast "Call of Home" and head back to the village for some training. Big problem actually, that false confidence was quickly wiped when I realised that I now can't get back into the castle, presumably because the entry switch is still in the wrong position.

Try #2 gave me swampflies, and another stuck lift. Try #3 is highland bandits who still can't count and think they outnumber me. Another stuck lift, and I am wishing that just for once that it might try jamming in the DOWN position so I can practice my stairs technique. Try #4 now, and a missed opportunity. Selected my thief and put him in weapons mode. Hit the switch and ran to the door while the scenery was loading. Great mouse manipulation to run through in minimum time, grab the goodies and flee. Found the lift in the down position and working. Am I smart enough to take this opportunity to take the plunge (hey ladders don't scare me, why should liftwells). No, I am stupid enough to wait for it to come up. No prize for guessing what attacked me then - we have had the full set haven't we - no it's the Worgur mongrels turn. They run and jump onto the lift, ascend for a fight and the 5th dead lift in a row.

At this point (well actually quite some time ago) I am starting to get a tad frustrated with this high correlation of appearing annoyances with lift failure. The solution of course was to alter options, encounters to seldom, run like hell, and hope some interfering little twerp wasn't spoiling for a fight (probably moat pirhana's - everyone else has had a go - even furious enough to take on an Anmazonii barehanded - a few swift kicks in the happysacks and we'll see who's still standing). Anyway, enough dramatics, made it back to the lift, it was down, merrily took the plunge, enjoyed the wee splats at the bottom, and took the hell off outta there - hopefully never to return. The moral of this story seems to be "SAVE your game before riding in a lift". I am glad my save wasn't too far back.

One element to go now - looking for an armoury. There are two doors back at the entrance I haven't tried - think I have covered most of the rest of it. Presumably Haelabus is behind one of these. Looking forward to finding out how much experience he is worth.
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Old 11-19-2000, 11:30 AM   #2
Lily the Ranger

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I saw the elevator in the building I entered. Haven't gone down there yet but I am dreading it now. I wouldn't have been expecting them to put in another lift nightmare. Will make SURE I save.

Highland rogues - perhaps they are gemini's but it would still take four of them to outnumber a party. Evil element? Is that the little red doll?

I am off to shurugeon. Song but the Carpenters: "We've only just begun . . . to lift. White ghosts and evils spirits. Convince D'soto he's on his way . . ."

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