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Old 11-08-2000, 07:31 AM   #1
Welcomed New User

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My first warrior quest is to find this thief called Mon Skulz. I've scoured the whole map of Valeia and I can't find him! I'm afraid I might have killed him already, coz I remember killing off 2 bands of rogues, one around a smashed cart and horse, and another pack inside a burnt house. Does this mean I can't do this quest anymore?

I've also killed this ratling and got 2 skull daggers, then I read that to be an assassin I need to do stuff for this ratling, to get an assassin dagger. Does this also mean I can't be an assassin?

How does revert game work?? I get my entire party killed, click on revert game, go thru 2 dialogs but nothing happens.

For the 1st priest quest I was supposed to find a ring of saints in the Crypt. I had two priests and both had the quest. I could only find one ring and when I returned, in a panic, once I saw that the quest guy said I found the ring, I quickly accessed the inventory and gave the ring to my other priest. I was then able to get both to pass the quest. Tho I prolly should have handed the ring off to another person to keep the ring, I noticed that the ring disappeared from my 2nd priest. Does this mean that if I hadn't done anything my 2nd priest would never have been able to pass the quest?

What are the usual levels to change roles? I'm looking at level 7 or 8 b4 I change but most of my characters need alot of stat increases (at least 2-4 more levels) to qualify. Would a late role change weaken my characters?
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Old 11-08-2000, 07:39 AM   #2
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About reverting game. If you want to start over a new game you have to revert the game in Valeias inn.
Then select your death members and click to them inventory.
There are delete PC button and your character dissapear.
First guy in the line gets all others stuff from them inventory. Not sure atleast money.
I haven't found that ring of saints either. Not sure what to do it too.
I've heard that only one can be trained to assassin. you must have that dagger first.
Hope this helped you.
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Old 11-08-2000, 01:52 PM   #3
Lily the Ranger

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There are two option for the game revert (saved at the last time you left a town - I believe you find your characters whooping it up at the inn) and reset (clears all adventures, quest, guild ranking as if you have never played - bye bye quest items - but allows you to keep your BASIC equipment and experience). I once tried to delete a character with items essential to the quest and it gave me an idiot message informing me of the matter. I have started over twice now. Because of this I like reset.
Old 11-08-2000, 02:00 PM   #4
Lily the Ranger

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Oh, about Mon, one thing I was flubbing on was talking to Smitty. Have your character with the quest (first check your journal under quests and Smitty . . . see what it says) anyway the fellow with the quest need to enter the armory and wait for Smitty to finish his speech (when I interrupted him he would fail to recognise my achievement). I have encountered Mon in two different places (separate game starts) Once he found me outside the left-hand Valeia gate and second by the cart and horse. If you met Mon he may be listed in your journal under characters.
About levels: read RPGVET on levelling up lots of wise ones there!
Luck Lily

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