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Old 11-03-2001, 02:59 AM   #1

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The Serenader: This bard kit specializes in musical instrumets and using their power to suggestively charm people. Best used in conjunction with Master of Compliments.

Special abilities: Bardsong is able to do one of three things depending on level:
Lvl1-8: Charm
lvl9-15: Dire Charm
lvl15+: Domination

Disadvantages: This kit must choose an instrument to play at the beginning of his career, and it is required that he spends time maintaining it each day. Otherwise, all his rolls are automatic 1's (double attack to anyone who hears).

if a 1 is rolled: all who hear begin to attack the bard at 2x attack for lack of tuning.
if a 2-18 is rolled, the afore-mentioned effect according to level will take effect on all who hear.
if a 19-20 is rolled, all who hear are instantly slain.

This song will not affect party members.
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Originally posted by SSJ4Sephiroth:
This song will not affect party members.

Or anyone with earplugs or no sense of hearing whatsoever.
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Sir ReGiN
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