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Old 09-29-2000, 10:27 PM   #1

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1.) Talked to Hendak, talked to Lehtinan, killed Beastmaster, got key, freed prisoners...the guide said Hendak would take over the Coronet, he didn't, Lehtinan is still there...not sure what to do next. ???
2.) Bridge District Murders: Got berries and hide and talked to street walker, went to Aegisfield, told him, he took off to Tanner, followed him, found Aegisfield's body, (the guide said I should report it to Aegisfield, but he is a corpse) killed everybody character said: "the murders might not be solved" or something...
3.) Couldn't see anything else to do since Nalia left and I went to the Keep to help her which is where I am now...but I feel like I missed a bunch of gold and experience...any advice would be appreciated!
Thank you!
Old 09-30-2000, 12:14 AM   #2

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1. You have to walk Hendak over to Lehtinan, keeping him in sight until he begins to speak to Lehtinan, then just watch the death.
2. Make sure you have gotten the skin from under the bed. The ultimate resolution involves going to Trademeet, where you will get some information from Tiris.
3. If you have actually found all the stuff in all the rooms, that is it for the quest. The major purpose is to provide the Keep as a reward if you are playing as a fighter.
Old 09-30-2000, 12:36 AM   #3

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Hi, thanks for replying...I missed the part where I had to walk with Hendak over to Lehtinan, I swear when I got the keys and unlocked the cell, some guy in there said: "Hendak is going to avenge ..." or "take over..." so I just figured, all was well. Secondly, So even though I got the skin, which I sold, since Aegisfield was dead, and followed Nalia to the Keep...I should have gone to Trademeet at that time? I am pretty sure I can go back and get the skin I sold. I am sooooooo slow and even though I finished BG1, this seems so much harder and more complicated to me. Thanks for your help!

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