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Old 09-13-2016, 09:16 AM   #1
Shadow Stranger

Join Date: December 9, 2007
Posts: 589
Default W&W Character Editors

Here are the two Editors that I could locate, they work on the Roster.dat file.

WWEdit by Frederic. 2001
On Windows 10 this starts by flashing a dialog box that says "Wizards&Warriors directory not found!". Fortunately it then starts normally...
It covers: Name, the eight Stats, XP, level, max HP, current HP, role, levels in each Guild, Gold and levels in each Skill. Download:

PC Records Spreadsheet by me. 2016
I am working on a spreadsheet that will enable inventory editing. This will be done soon.
It is done for the time being. Download, see below:

Roster.dat Editor, by Fendris. 2000
It has five tabs: Attributes, Stats, Skills 1, Skills 2 and Treats.
("Treats" is a mis-spelling of Traits.)

Attributes covers the eight stats.
Stats covers current HP, max HP, Gold, XP and the Mana figures (current/maximum) for each of the six spellbooks. He has altered the names of two of the spellbooks, Suncraft and Fiendcraft.

Skills 1 covers half of the 32 Skills.
Skills 2 covers the other half of the Skills.
Treats covers the 66 Traits. They are listed in the order in which they occur in the save game file, which is not in any way alphabetical.
Editor mixes up the Zenmaster and Valkyrie classes.

Download, see below:
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Old 09-13-2016, 09:55 AM   #2
Ironworks Moderator

Join Date: January 7, 2001
Location: Rural Paradise, MI
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Default Re: W&W Character Editors

That's a great find, Shadow Stranger!!!
Thanks for posting that here!!! =^..^=
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Old 09-13-2016, 11:42 PM   #3
Shadow Stranger

Join Date: December 9, 2007
Posts: 589
Default Re: W&W Character Editors

I managed to find the Roster.dat Editor on the Internet. I was able to get rid of the wretched Zipx compression.
The 2000 and 2001 editors are just the thing for seeing how many skills and traits a given PC actually has. In the game you can only see a few of the traits...
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