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Originally posted by SixOfSpades:
(Damn. Just looked them up, and saw that all Throwing Daggers are usable by Cavaliers and Kensai, even though Darts are not. Anybody want to explain this?) [/QB]
All "chucking" weapons are useable by kensai/cavalier, that is, throwing axes, throwing daggers, and if it were possible/feasible to have a dwarven kensai, throwing hammers.

Dunno if it's a bug or not, given that there's a general lack of good chuckers in the game it's not a real game-breaker, unless you cheese it and abuse Firetooth to hell and back.

(Like, there's only one returning throwing axe in the game, one throwing hammer, and the dagger. A grand total of 3 returning weapons that could potentially be cheesed.)
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