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Default Re: Coran BG2 NPC Released

In BG2 you got no real indication of how the NPC knew the protagonist in BG1, they just appeared from nowhere with no coherent background.
NPCs are always gassing off, that is a good oppurtunity for background, ditto the initial meeting.
IWD2 is by all accounts notoriously hard to work with, there are few mods for it. It is set in its ways, hard-coded.

Icewind Gate is like hang - gliding, you do it for the adventure not because it is the easiest way from point A to point B. I gave it a go at one point. It is illuminating on at least two grounds:
(1) it shows the differences between Second Edition and Third Edition.
(2) it shows the differences between the BG2 and IWD2 games. BG2 has really sophisticated magical combat lacking in the latter.
Icewind Gate is a beta, Weimer Republic is the homepage, so it is not wholly official.
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