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You think Blade's are good? Wait'll you try a Kensai with the same Equipment!

I had a Kensai with 3 slots on Two-Weapon style, 5 on Katana and 2 on Long Sword. Celestial Fury was in the main hand, would've had Dak'kons Zerth Blade in the off but I didn't have the bonus Merchants so I settled for Daystar. My main hand THAC0 was -15 by lvl. 19 and the offhand was -11. At level 14 I had most of this with THAC0 on the main hand and offhand a bit lower and without the longsword proficiencies. However, they only have mondo fighting power... no pickpockets or mage spells, unless you dualed of course. I am using Haer' Dalis in my new game and he definitely rocks! I've got to see how he does with the Melodic Chain now (I just got him back after my visit to another plane) and once he gets to higher levels (only lvl. 11 now)

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