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Default Re: Your Next RPG should be The Witcher!

Originally Posted by Ziroc View Post
I have been watching the development of this game for like, five years now. It uses the Neverwinter ONE aurora engine--which has been TOTALLY upgraded to look better than Bioshock even. But it's the ROLEPLAYING aspect that looks amazing--Fallout 1 amazing.

They are getting ready for release soon! I may have to make a Forum for this killer Game. It will also come with an editor. So mods are going to be made too.
Bioware has just publicly said they recommend the game--It won best of show at E3 for RPG's. IGN and Gamespot are raving about it, and say its one of 2007's most anticipated RPG Games!
The digs at NWN2 aside, I agree that this is an awesome looking game. I've already pre-ordered it.

The single character option isn't a big deal. PsT had the single character option as well and we all known how great a game THAT was.
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