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Default setting, Which is normal I guess
When I first started I was thinking HOLY SH!T, this is harder than BGI ever was mages kept confusing me and I was killing myself.
Now I have a decent party and have learned to battle mages better, Things have gotten much easier....except for Golems and Vampires they are my pet peeves Probbably because I built my party to stop enemy mages.

Ok here is my multiplayer party(to save you from asking)

Stalker (ranger brought in from BGI)lv 12(katana&scimtars++ Long/short swords+ Dual Weild +++ And Hammer +(in anticipation for possible Crom Fayer candidate for off hand as no one else besides vicona could use it)

Monk lv 13 Fists

(I loved the kensai and monk Ideas and couldn't decide so I created one of each...also My ranger had to be ME again)

Kensai/Mage lv 13 Zerthamon Blade/Pixie Prick

Vicona [Lv hmm 11 or 12 I think] Flail of ages or other maces depends on opponet/ Various shields depending on the situation

Jan Jansen [Lv 11/11 (I think)] Crossbow of speed

Edwin Lv 12 Boomerang dagger

What Sux is I have no Bow people and no real shield or armor people(besides vicona) and no 2 handed sword people.....SO I don't get to use MOSt of the cool stuff I find.
BUT My party still kicks arse right now and I'm attached to everyone(well with edwin I'm attached to his spell abilities,he has SO MANY Slots to memorize its sweet)
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