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Mad Re: All Hakpaks in 3 files now - Easy to Download!

Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
The filefront links are broken. Can you check it out and let us know when they are back. I did a search for "massive" in the mod section and the v103 dir was empty.

Any chance you will be updated to CEP 2.2 ?


Filefront sucks ass. This is like the 9th time I've uploaded them to their site. They keep them for a bit, then delete them.. idiots.. But it's all I have until I get the time to upload them to IGN.

I'm re-uploading them to Filefront for now--will take a few hrs as their upload thing is slow as a slug.. I'll update the EFU download page as soon as they are live on filefront.

BTW, 98% of everything in CEP 2.2 is IN Massive--plus like 500% more--and exclusive placeables, monsters, items etc I made. I don't know if I'll change all the 2DA's as its a pain, and took a year to make massive, so no plans, unless I find its easy to do.

BTW, thank you for the heads up on the files! They must have done it in the last few days.. grrrrr
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