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I have nothing against the patience, but I at times simply wonder if I have been too patient and perhaps missed the dialogue with some needed NPC and thus the quest, or maybe I missed some area and that's why I get no quests. For example, I started to look what areas I visit how often. For example Slums I did visit often, but the Gates area I actually visited only once, when heading out to the De'Arnise Castle. I did talk to the guy who gave the quest in Trademeet, I found the lich and I found the "Bonny and Clyde". But I haven't been there after that one single time and maybe it's a mistake?

I have found and done some of the named quests. With my testing team, I am on some 40+ days now and Jaheira's romance is moving on. But yes, it's long! I have been visited by his tutor 2 times now, have fought and smacked around the Harpers chasing me.. Some other listed names and quests I have done as well, and thanks for the note, my guesses in some cases were the same (i.e. Keldorn has only the thing with his family, etc). Some I need to try out more, thanks for the tips.

Trick is that some of these quests take pretty long time to get rollin' [img]smile.gif[/img] I am a fast person and if I would go with the pace I can go easily, not rushing but not wasting the time either, I would be through it perhaps in a very short time heh! Shorter time probably then is needed to even start more then 75% of the quests. So now I am wasting the time as such, resting after every battle to get the spells back, taking long routes and always resting after the travelling heheh.. Just to get some more time. Within these 40+ days of time I have spent now, I would probably have finished the game twice, including all the quests I get during that time. But thanks, I will waste some more time with every char to get these quests, some of them are just that, "go and do" or "go and smack", some of them are funny. And any extra XP is definately welcome, my Fighter Berserk is only lvl 14 at the moment.

What about the named buildings in the city? I have tied many of them to quests, some of them are also just the places of some nice big battles (like Guarded Compound). But there are these 2 estates in Bridge Area which I cannot connect directly to the quests/people. Also some estate in Goverment area was something what I couldn't tie to anyone specifically, like some estate near the Isea Roenall?

Also, some named NPC who don't want to do anything with me.. But why are they there then? I suppose that a named NPC has something tied to him/her/it. Like the Five Flagoons Tavern in Bridge District - there's a dwarf and a halfling, named, there. Are they tied to Mazzy (I recall her having some ties to the over I think). Or the Belle, warrior chick there in the same tavern? Or the robed mage who was looking for salamander dust in Adventurer's Mart - is he there just for fun, or does he have any uses as well? The dwarf there I guess is just for kicks, I like to see what he has to say when I visit the shop

Also on Waukeen's Promenade are at the leftmost entrance 2 vendors. I think one can do something to the instruments I have, but another? The painting vendor? Was he tied somehow to Haer'Dalis? Is there anything tied to Haer'Dalis at all? And the elf-hater dude at the fountain in Waukeen's Promenade? The shady looking char on the second floor of Five Flagoons Tavern?

Ehh, questions, questions But I would appreciate anyone's answer who knows this. I just want to try it all in the game. If it's too much to write on the board, I am ready to discuss it over the e-mail as well [img]smile.gif[/img]
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