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I have played BG2 through few times, but always I felt that there's more to do. So I started it all yet again and am playing it. What I wanted to know, or ask help with, is this: numerous NPC's who join your team (or can join) have quests "attached" to them. Some of these quests are small, some bigger. What I do not know - and am asking help - is when or how does the quest for a certain NPC start? I am not seeking any quest solutions, that I do not want, I want to solve them on my own. But what I would appreciate is if someone could tell me how to get these quests rollin'.

Like Anomen - how and when does his quest start? Keldorn - does he have any 'quest' with him as such (besides the family thing) and if yes, how to get it started? Haer'Dalis? And so on.. There are many different "named" locations on maps, like in Bridge District are 2 of them and beats me what they are for. One was somehow related to Anomen, I checked it long time ago, but when I got in there, it all ended in a bloodbath. Another house I cannot tie to anyone, and when I started to peek around in there too much, they went all hostile on me and I had to fight them all. Not that they were any problem.

I figure that perhaps some of these special NPC party member quests will start only when my main char is of a specific class, i.e. if I am a Berserker, then some quests wont start/work because I should be a, say, bard? Can someone just list the NPC name and after the name, write shortly that "need to do that to start the quest; go to spot X; talk to NPC Y; time must be Z".. Just something to get these quests rolling [img]smile.gif[/img]
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