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Holy Cow!!!
I just read past Dan's post to everything else. I have to admit that I just do not understand those of you who do not want us to attack because there may lives of people not actively involved in orchestrating the sneak attack. Innocent children, women and men may die - they already have, as Moridin pointed out.
Here's a little factoid for digestion,those of you who wish to not do anything:
in just two of the hundreds of companies in the towers (saw this this morning on fox pregame nfl show, of all places) Boomer Esiason was a quarterback in the nfl, and has a child with a congenital birth defect, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, something that guarantees an early death at this point, and a painful life up to that point. He established a foundation to generate revenue for reseach into cures for this condition, knowing that his son will die before a cure can be found, realistically speaking. His offices were with the Cantor-Fitzgerald floors of the tower, ones that were directly struck by the plane in tower 1. The death toll was almost 100% (only employees not there survived) the over 700 people in JUST THOSE TWO COMPANIES left over 1200 fully or partially ORPHANED CHILDREN!!!! by my extrapolation, with over 6500 dead, from all over the world, means something like 12,000 (TWELVE THOUSAND) instant orphans and widows(ers) were created in over 80 countries world wide. So, how do you like them now? wanna natter at me, JD, Moridin, and others whose passion you just can't seem to grasp? I do not know, other than Tobbin, who else on the board has lost friends and family, but even if I had not, You would not see any less passion out of me, nor will you. Shame for hiding behind innocents - we have lost more than those jihad jerks in the last 20 years, hardly any of them even connected to the military.

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