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Default Re: Once again, into the breach!

The best thing about The Extra Dog Slot mod is not only does it include all the interactions, allowing you to have 5 characters- since the dog occupies your summon slot, has so few skills, and requires little micromanaging, I've started just controlling him during battles so my other characters can use their prewritten "tactics". Also, Overwhelm makes the dog a mage killer Extraordinair. (Pity the Wizard Slayer class in BG GII wasn't this useful!)

Also, I'm playing on Nightmare, as a rogue. Obviously, spoilers within.

Origin: Obsidian's Nobler Noble allowed me to start in noble clothin, with no weapons, which makes sense, if you think about it. Dum de dum, talk to people in the castle. Hook up with the elf handmaiden .
Journal Note: My dog has told me there are rats in the cellar. The cats have turned traitor and they're on the offensive! I am the only one to stand in the way of such awesome power. Farewell, dear journal. Farewell...
The castle is under siege! And revel in my fancy new armour. The battles here were more trouble than they're worth, given the gaurds HP doesn't scale with difficulty, and mom isn't the best melee fighter in the world. All the same, using stealth, I avoided some fights, and fought in others, to finally make it to my father, and subsequently Ostagar.

Ostagar: Went VERY smoothly, as I was able to buy the ingrediants, and recipes, to make "bombs". Incidentally, I set my tacts to throw bombs at clustered enemies, and even on nightmare, it sure does take a chunk of health out of 'em! Collecting the blood required a bit of hit and run tactics (I seem to have reverted to equipping everyone with ranged weapons, and then switching my fighters to melee once they close in, ala Baldurs Gtae ), but other than a few losses on the Jory and Alistair side, we found the Chasind hidden cache, The two missionaries, and sprinkled some ash on some rock (To get some nice enchanters footing! Every little bit helps.) The Tower of ishal is my next stop in this long line of tutorials, and that shall be interesting, to say the least! But college work comes a calling, so it'll just have to wait. Till next time, Ironworkers!
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