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Ironworks Forum Once again, into the breach!

My loving girlfriend bought me a Bioware gift card for my birthday, so I got some goodies plus the main mods for dragon age, since she's shown an interest in the game, which I find amusing.

So starts the (mis)adventures of Kyrvias the Grey Warden.

Installed a few mods, being Obsidian's Nobler Noble, Ancient Elven Boots Fix, No More Annoyances!, More Natural Bodies, Wings of Velvet, Skip the Fade (It's necessary, I am SICK of that part.), and Extra Dog Slot v1.4. Oh, and Dragon Age Redesigned.

These together, in my opinion (Sans wings of velvet, it's just a mage robe mod. But a very nice textured robe, to be sure) create a more... full world. Especially DA Redesigned. The modder basically changed all of the faces you see- in three different directions, an aethestic version, a lore version, and a "True to bioware's vision" version. I have to agree with a lot of the changes, including Arl Howe.

I promised myself I'd be playing this like Baldurs Gate as much as I could, so at the expense of other abilities, I'm maxing Battle Tactics first and foremost, to see how well the AI actually reacts. Post is getting too long, so time for a double (Gasp!) so I can move on to tactics.
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