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Here's a couple of more misc. changes not in the readme

- Fixed client monks don't see the feedback results of using Empty Body.
- Fixed a problem that would cause Oswald's ship to disappear prematurely from the Ice Temple.
- Fixed a problem where Energy Drain might not show up after loading a game.
- Fixed some minor item description bugs.
- Fixed problem if character was hidden in shadows, he couldn't leave dialog with a Mezro Warrior.
- Fixed a particular problem with Ennelia quest repeating same line of dialogue after saving Braston.
- Fixed problem with multi-classed Barbarian/Druids losing shapeshifting ability when choosing Wild Shape: Panther and Extra Wild Shape AND getting a second Barbarian Rage.
- Fixed problem with Melf's Minute Meteors giving semi-permanent 5 attacks/round.
- Oagla'ta, a character in a premade party has been given Oagla'ta's Dead Cat Snack.
- Fixed a couple spelling errors here and there.
- Fixed some reported problems people were having with Torak.
- Fixed a problem with the Battle Square swapping a character for another in your party.
- Tweaks made to the Guardian to ignore Otiluke's Resilient Sphere.
- Modified the spellcasting routines for Izbelah.
- Changed Madae's spellcasting routines a bit.
- Removed the 'Critical Path Flag' from some characters that didn't need it after certain events occurred (for example, Nikodemus)
- Fixed a couple saving throw bugs with spells.

There are some other changes as well, but that patch.txt covers most of the big ones reported here.

One sort of big change is that we nerfed Animate Dead to only summon a maximum of level 10 critters, and also tweaked some of the undead stats.

Darren is one of the BIS guys.

I can't wait to see the new Armor they added though.
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