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*strolls down the stairs, head still pounding, but manageable now*
Ladies, gentlemen, how the heck are ya? Reeka, that was a fantastic invitation and I look forward to attending. Duh, I kinda HAVE to be there, I guess, since it was my idea!! Hehehe...looking lovely as always, my dear, even in my bleary state, I'm astounded by you.

Cloudy, *not sure if she's actually here* You are without a doubt the finest Harem Girl I've ever seen and If you were in my harem, I'd need no other...

BK, That coffee is fantastic, is it a new brand?

GM, How the hell are ya? Or did you just leave?

Jerome, you silly silly person. Trying to con a PALADIN out of a drink?! That's just sheer folly!!

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