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Been happily working my way through W&W and thought i would post a couple of answer to various questions i have seen on the board.
Firstly with the quest to become a monk, Make sure you divest your character of everything he is wearing, armoour, jewelery, accessories etc. I even went so far as to make sure that he was carrying no gold, or anything in his general inventory. HOWEVER, i did accidently pick up some gold and various items for him, so i don't think the inventory or gold really matter.
Now as we all know the quest involves being out in the wilderness for 2 days. And i have seen countless post of people who basically walked away from their computers for 2 hours or so, and then came back. Let me save you the pain!!
I couldn't be bothered waiting for this time. So after recieving the quest, i continued on, journeying as per normal. This involved numerous trips back to town, to off load stuff, and visits to the temple to ressurect people. I then went and started and finished Serpent temple. Came back, and was promoted. So don't waste time doing nothing carry on adventuring!!!

Secondly. i have a dual boot system. NT and windows 2000 {don't ask}

Flat out could not get this game to work in NT.
BUT, i can make it work in 2000. Initially in 2000 i had lots of trouble with semi-random crashes to the desktop, both ooutside, and indoors. However after tweaking every thing i could lay my little mouse pointer on, i finally fixed it.
Go in to your control panel, and find you sound hardware settings. By default most of us have the slider bar cranked all the way accross for maximum hardware support/acceleration. Move the slider back a couple of notches, and WALLA. It will stop crashing. I have not experienced on single crash since then!!
{for what its worth, i think backing off on the hardware settings, actually disables directsound, and possibly this is what the real culprit is}
And of course we all know about having to uncompress the townmask.avi files. I reccomend doing this before you start playing, as i finished the first town, without being able to access most fo the buildings, and just assumed that it was all a pretty backdrop!!!!

Thirdly. It is possible to pick a lot of the locks in the dungeon with either a good lock pick skill, or lots of lock picks. This can save you some time if you loose the key, or someone steals it from you.

Finally, i saw a thread a while back, asking the funniest way you died, here is mine.

After just having cleared out the temple of Isis, i went out the back door, explored a little of the land, and portaled back to town to sell some goodies. Came back through the tunnel, and couldn't find the lift. Went over to the pull rope, and pulled it. Nothing happened. All of a sudden my fairy started taking damage. {on a side note, why does the last person in the party ALWAYS get crushed first??} Looking up, i relized that i had just called the lift down on to myself, and was crushing my self to death with it!! Laughed so hard, the rest of my party died.