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Originally posted by Barry the Sprout:
Never gonna happen ReGin. She would probably get scared and run away. But seriously, why do you guys like her quite so much. As far as I can tell she has absolutely nothing going for her unless you tool her up. Most of the other characters are good without all the special equipment.

Not quite true. I think what most people like about her is her versatility - she can cast both Cleric and Mage Spells (especially handy when using Contingencies or Chain Contingencies), and she can be a decent enough character. In one of my current games, I haven't yet picked up Imoen, so I have given Aerie the Robe of Vecna. She is also wearing the Ioun Stone that gives bonus to AC, the Fortress Shield (she has enough strength because she has the Mauler's Arm Mace equipped), Bracers of Defense AC 3, Amulet of Power, and some more decent stuff and I now have her AC down to -5 and her spellcasting speed is incredible. If you are playing a good party, you cannot take Viconia as a cleric, so if you don't want Anomen for some reason (), Aerie is the only option left.

But anyway, this has all been said time and time again, and I really do think you are just posting all this for the purpose of having a nice argument rather than because you actually care.

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