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All drow city quests have a time limit (sometimes they don't say, like getting the blood, but there is, about three days).
Some Athkatla quests, like Jaheira's curse, going to the Harper house (if you've got Jaheira in the group), Jan's quest, Nalia's funeral, Korgan's quest, Edwin's quest (getting the scroll), Cernd's baby quest, Mazzy's quest (the poisoning), Keldorn's family quest, Anomen's knight quest, some paladin stronghold quests, some ranger stronghold quests, I think some of Bodhi's quests. Most big quests like Windspear hills, Umar hills, Sphere (except if you've got Korgan, and after you get Valygar), Unseeing eye, rescuing Imoen etc don't have any time limit. Also if you've the fighter or thief stronghold you have to return every five days or so to get new quests etc or you'll lose them.


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