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The ninja is a master of stealth, espionage and covert operations. It is unlike all the other classes, but incorporates certain elements of each. It's unlike the assasin because a ninja does not just kill. It's unlike a swashbuckler because a ninja does not just fight, a ninja is unlike a bounty hunter because he does not just set traps for prey.

Min Requirements
-12 Str - A Ninja must be strong
-16 Dex - A Ninja must be agile
-16 Int - A Ninja must be cunning
-15 Cha - A Ninja must be good with the ladies (lol, j/k)

-Has the same backstab and set normal snares of theives..
-Gains -1 Ac and +1 to hit and damage, then another -1 to Ac and +1 to hit and dmg every 7 levels.
-Gains +10 to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently
-May specialize in Katana, Wakasashi, Ninja-to and (new item that would be put in)Ninja Stars
-May put three stars in two weapon style
-Can coat weapon with poison every 7 levels that deals out 1 dmg every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, this does not improve in levels.

-Gains only 20 points per level to distribute to theiving abilities
-Has -10 penalty to pick pockets and open locks, -5 penalty to set snares and find/remove traps.
-May not use shields or bows. May only wear up to studded leather armor.

Thanks I might pump out a Samurai later, too tired right now...


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