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My piece of input...

If you have Psionic or Monk, get them "Identify Item" spell as SOON as possible, and from then on use them as the dedicated "identify item" spellcaster.

The reason I tell this... is because early on I gave my priest the Identify Item book, and despite a mental magic skill of zero, and not a single useful spell in the mental magic realm, by level 15 he risen to mental magic skill of about 65, JUST from identifying items. Comparatively, my monk, who I have been painfully trying to train up as a spell caster, has a mental magic skill of a meagre 80. Had the monk been the dedicated identifier, I cant exactly work out what his mental magic skill would have been... however suffice to say it would have been at LEAST ten points higher, if not maxed out. Furthermore for a good portion of the early game it would be been close to double what it was... going by the priests progression. Alas, I was a first time player and had very little idea of the game mechanics... and now I am stuck with a priest with almost 70 wasted realm points.

Might seem obvious, to put spells where they belong... but just a reminder to never underestimate the value of training, and know that often overlooked actions can reap the highest advancments.

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