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Cool Dude Re: BEST TIPS for Wizardry 8

I decided to take a turn for the different by taking advantage of the foreknowledge of the level sensors being ON and snooping on Flamestryke's site of the levels they are at. This means that the chest and drops will wield better booty if you hit them just right. No guarantees, but a better random chance of nice stuff:

Some drawbacks being that you will have to practice more due to the lack of grabbing better weapons/armor and spellbooks.

You'll have to study it to know when to hit the areas yourselves, but here it is and I'll start you off:
level 1-5
level 6-10
level 11-15
level 16-20
level 21-25
level 26-30
level 31+
Don't enter Upper Monastery until level 6
Don't enter Arnika-Trynton Rd OR Arnika until level 11
Don't enter Rattkin Tree until level 16
Don't enter Rapax areas until level 21

Obviously it will not be easy and probably for only parties of 4 or less and no RPC's either. The sensor (assume) plays on the lowest level PC or RPC. Iím trying it now with the following party: Monk/Rogue/Ranger/Bishop.
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