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Some more tips:

8.3.1 What can I do to improve performance? (2 comments)

* Try running the game at 800 X 600. Community member Beforan said this "I then decided to try changing resolution. I'd been running the game in 1680x1050, and figured detail or drivers would be causing lag more than res.

So I booted up NWN2, changed the res to 800x600 at the title screen and loaded my game. Guess what - still no significant improvement. Annoyed, I went to the game options with the game still running, and changed back to 1680x1050, applied, and everything runs smoothly!

Somewhat confused, but still chuffed, I quit out and repeated the same process, but this time turning all the graphics settings right up to full when i switched to 800x600. Sure enough, when I switch back to 1680x1050 in game, everything works, and looks damn gorgeous."

* Make sure you have the latest Driver Updates - it is always worth checking, even if you updated a month ago
* Turn off Normal Mapped Terrain & Point Light Shadows. (I found this to really increase my fps)
* Try reducing your Shadows to 'Low'
* Reduce Texture Resolutions to 'Medium'
* Texture minification / magnification / mip map all set to 'Point'
* Max texture Anisotropy (god knows what this actually is) is set to 'Low'
* Number of lights is set to 4
* Water Reflection/Retraction is set to 'Off' (This will make a huge difference on performance!)
* If you have XFire turn it off.
* Turn off any Anti-virus/Spyware

This list will hopefully help you, and depending on your graphics card you may not need to do all of these things, so experiment folks. This list will be updated as and when we find the information floating about on the Bioware boards. If you're feeling dead grumpy with this seeming endless list of 'to dos' just to play a game, hop on over here and cheer yourself are not alone!

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