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Default I like to create/paint fantasy Miniatures.

Takeing example from the "I like to build/paint tanks" thread, which took example from the "I paint Dragons" thread, I thought I'd post this and share this hobby of mine.

By "Create" I don't mean making these myself, heavens no. More taking knifes, cutters, and green stuff; creating a new model with the use of a few existing ones. Painting, however, is all me.

Recently, I've become obsessed with creating an army of Gondor... but, since I don't know how to put pictures into the thread in a literal sense, you'll have to settle for links, sadly. :p

First off: Damrod, Ranger of Gondor

And with him, A camp of Gondor's Finest.

I'm far from completing my "Battle Host," as it were, so I think I'll try to update here with some miniatures I feel I've done a fairly good job on.

So, Ironworkers, what do you think? For those of you who have it to share, advice is also appreciated.

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