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The Hunter watches the battle from a hidden nich next to one of the houses. He sees three more combatants rush past him and into the fray.Before he can react he sees a woman cleave on of the beasts in half with a STAFF of all things!! He ponders the strenghth it must have taken to do such a thing before he unleashes his own assault on the creatures. Not wanting to hit possible allies he only uses a small part of his elemental power to project a handfull of stones toward the back of the rear most beast. With a WHOOSH of wind the stones slam into the back of the ugly grey thing with a wet smack!! The beast staggers and is obviously hurt but is still standing as the Hunter slides from one shadow to the next getting closer and looking for an opening to put his wounding sword to good use.
\"How much do I love you?? I\'ll tell you one thing, it\'d be a whole hell of a lot more if you stopped nagging me and made me a friggin sandwich.\"
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