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Default Re: Okay, BG2-EE is neat, but...

Oh, another bug, which is not all bad. First of all, after I visited the Trademeet Druid thingie I started having deer playing all over my game. It was kind of amusing in the slums, and in the Underdark, they actually got in the way of the bad guys, like when the Drow patrol ambushes you at that bridge leading to Ust'Natha. Then, after I entered the maze at Watcher's Keep, I started having Mad Elves all over the place. Not really a problem. But amusingly, when I had dealt with Odren and Company, they reappeared in my Pocket Plane, around the area of the first challenge, and even allowed me to buy and sell from Sister Galena. And the again in the abandoned Bhall Temple in the Forest of Mir. Very handy!
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