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Originally posted by Stormymystic:

Originally posted by Ziroc:
Originally posted by Xen:
Originally posted by RoSs_bg2_rox:
my question is, how can u draw so well??? That is amazing
I second that! Hey Z! You know you have problems with keeping this forum up now and then... you seeem very talanted. Go draw for game companies(ID Sowtfare) for example or something like it...
I'd love too someday soon, I ALMOST moved to California, and worked for Stormfront Studios, but Glad I Didn't. They made Pools of Radiance II. Yuck!
I wouldn't mind working on a Movie either.. doing animation, storyboards, clay sculpturing... But my damn back and hip problems are really messed up with pain a lot. If I can find a way to get the pain lowered, I'd be able to go do that stuff.. Ahh... that would be cool. umm Z, not to sound strange or anything, but have you consider an Epidural? they do use them in men, My father in law had one when he got really bad ill, and they do help some people, but you have to have good insurance to afford it, that is the only draw back to them, they do work on alot of people
I've had four of them so far. the first one helped for a few Months--took the shooting pain away, but they don't last. I mean, I look and feel normal, just have pain in my hips and back. When I am on medicine, I am half-way back to feeling normal, but some days are worst than others. Glad I have a good pain doc.
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