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Throughout the game i found that making a character taking there money and deleting them takes TOO long so instead I "steal" from the smith and Bushi dojo guy. Join the Bushi Dojo skill or the Warriors guild and buy the takasha(or however its spelled) arrow from the Dojo as many times as possible! and then sell them back. If your doing it at the smith then but Bolt arrows +1 as many times as possible and sell them back. if your a fast clicker like me (I play nintendo and use this trick alot) then in 5 minutes you have from the starting cash (if you made max chars) you could have 500,000 and keep doin it. If you have a ranger with Bowyer skill then steal the dragon arrow back from the samari after you give it to him and enchant it alot! then have him make more and more and more (he does this by himself just give him time) and sell them, They can sell for up to 1,000,000 Gold a peace! now this is like 10 times faster then the old way of making a char and taking there money! try it, it really works
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