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Take advantage of that obnoxious Jinni in Doshi Gin's Lamp! NO, don't settle for just 3 wishes! I'm running the Patch("invoked",I believe)and this still works.

Bring the Lamp to the Town Gates, and make sure you have several "Mules" in town. Save your game before you begin, and after each successful wish granted in case you make a boo boo.

As soon as you "use" the Lamp on another char. to invoke the Jinni, the Jinni appears and starts to talk. As soon as he starts talking, enter your inventory screen and DROP the Lamp!

Then, exit the inventory screen, and when the Jinni asks you to choose a "gift", pick a TRAIT(e.g. Arms of Argus)you want the have, NOT an ITEM.

When he disappears, pick up the Lamp with a different char. and "use" it on another char. You can't have the same char. "use" and/or receive from it twice, so keep track of who's used it on whom. The Jinni get's all beligerent if you mess that up. You can get traits for 5 char's in a 6 char party up to now(one less than the # of char's in your party).

Next, enter the Town, go to the Inn, and exchange all the char's who've received traits already with "Mules" to accompany the char who DIDN'T get a trait.

Exit the Town, have a "Mule" pick up the Lamp to invoke the Jinni to grant a TRAIT to the last member of your party without a trait.

Have the "Mules" ask for ITEMS(e.g.Sword of Argus) to give to your party members to use, and/or sell for a tidy profit!

When everyone's made a wish, reenter the Town, and regather your party with all their new stuff! (and please don't forget to thank the Jinni)

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