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Originally posted by Scholarcs:
Originally posted by Epona:
Sorry Scholarcs, I have to take issue with that. Self defence is NOT murder. It is self defence. There is a whole world of difference. Murder is by definition a pre-meditated killing. In the UK if you killed someone in self defence you would be unlikely to be charged with murder, but the lesser charge of manslaughter. And you'd be likely let off if you could prove it was self defence - most self defence cases get bail while awaiting trial, which would never be granted for a murder suspect.

If it's a choice between kill and be killed, I'd kill thank you very much. No question.
I wouldnt.

and in NZ, murder cases would get bail too. It is the failing system.
[/QUOTE]But do you think that people who kill in self defense should be treated the same as a serial killer? That's just plain wrong. Having been in a situation where I had to fight when cornered, why should I go to jail if I'd killed the mofo? Not right at all.
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